Printed soap packaging boxes

Cardboard for sale.

The production of small and medium-sized boxes is our speciality. We provide products both to individual and business customers, including soap producers. We can create a personalised printed cardboard soap box. Our packaging is durable, aesthetic and easy to fold. Owing to the use of modern devices, we can offer customers an overprint on the ordered cardboard boxes.

New brands are constantly appearing on the hygiene cosmetics market, offering various types of soap. As a result, customers face a difficult choice of what product to select. Are you a producer of soaps, and you are wondering what to do to raise the recipients’ interest? Advertising is the basis of success. Visitors ignore even top quality products in both stationary and online stores without proper marketing promotion. The first step you need to take is to select the suitable packaging and prepare an eye-catching graphic design. The Printmasta team, producing small and medium-sized cardboard soap boxes, comes to the rescue. We have over a hundred ready-made dies from which customers can choose the pattern that best suits their needs.

If the product has specific dimensions or the buyer cares about the original form of packaging, we make a separate die design. Our small soap packaging boxes are made of classic white cardboard or brown cardboard, resembling recycled cardboard. The digital printing method allows us to acquire glossy and matte surface finishes. The overprint is clear and indelible. Owing to this, it does not lose its colour intensity for a long time.

The graphic design that will decorate the soap packaging boxes should be sent to our e-mail address. We are in constant contact with the customer, arranging the smallest details so that the result of our work fully satisfies the buyer. If you have no idea what your small or medium-sized soap boxes could look like, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help. We serve customers from Great Britain but also from all over the world, completing even large-volume orders.