Printed packaging boxes for cosmetics


As a result of intensive and dynamic development of the cosmetics industry, the brands search for effective customer acquisition methods. One of them is raising customers’ interest through aesthetic packaging that stands out from competing products. We produce small cosmetic packaging boxes with an overprint depicting selected graphics or the company logo.

Cardboard packaging boxes mainly protect the product against external factors. However, apart from that, the box often contains necessary information about the cosmetics, e.g. ingredients, directions for use and effects. Of course, they also fulfil an advertising function, promoting the brand.

Cosmetics can be divided into two general groups: care and make-up. We create fully customised packaging boxes for body lotions, creams, eye shadow palettes, powders and perfumes. Before making the box, it is possible to make a test print. This allows the customers to check whether the size is suitable and whether the visual effect meets their expectations. Digital technology allows us to provide cardboard packaging boxes for cosmetics with a matte or glossy finish.

What graphics should be found on the cosmetic packaging? It depends on what the target customer group is. When producing creams, lotions, emulsions, gels, shampoos and other products intended for the care of a child's skin, it is worth to use delicate colours, characters from fairy tales or colourful animals. But when offering natural make-up cosmetics for women, the box should have classic colours and minimalist floral or plant accents, referring to the product content. The key element is also displaying the brand name in a subtle but noticeable way so that it stays in the recipient’s memory. The graphics on the boxes containing cosmetics should be eye-catching in order to encourage the purchase.

Achieving satisfactory sales volumes is not possible even if you sell a top-quality product that provides revolutionary effects. Something must encourage the customer to choose your brand's cosmetic, and the first thing they see is the packaging. That is why before we begin to implement the order, we agree on every detail with the ordering company. First of all, the packaging size should not be too small, but it shouldn’t also provide too much free space after inserting the product so that the box can properly fulfil its protective function. We pay great attention to the materials that make up the packaging for cosmetics. Our cardboard packaging boxes are durable and tear-resistant, ensuring protection against damage even during long transport.

We offer cardboard boxes in retail and wholesale quantities. We make small printed boxes for cosmetics on the basis of a ready-made or personalised die. Single products will fit into them. On the other hand, medium-sized folding packages are perfect for creating sets. The companies specialising in the cosmetics industry increasingly place products from one series together in one box. A carefully packed, ready-made set of, e.g. a tonic with cream or peeling with a moisturising body lotion is also a great gift idea, especially since it does not require the use of decorative paper or a paper bag.

Why is it worth to cooperate with Printmasta and choose cardboard packaging boxes for cosmetics available in our offer? We guarantee attractive, low prices for small and large volumes. We combine the volumes when ordering boxes of the same size and pattern but with different graphic processing. The customer pays only a small amount for the preparation of several different projects. This solution is really attractive for cosmetics producers. Printmasta is a reliable and professional company that meets the agreed deadlines. What's more, our cardboard boxes are made with the use of innovative devices and top quality materials. Aesthetic packaging of cosmetics can be a showcase of the company for years, so don’t wait and place an order. Our specialists will quickly start the production of suitable boxes for your products.