Printed cardboard packaging boxes

Carton box with printing.

Suitable product packaging is extremely important. It not only protects the content of the box but also encourages the recipient to buy it. As an official manufacturer of printed cardboard packaging boxes, we offer reliable small and medium-sized packaging boxes. We perform short run printing on boxes with various, for instance, matte or glossy finishes. Our offer includes glued cardboard boxes with flaps and shaped boxes folded without glue. We specialise in the production of standard, printed white boxes, but we also make kraftliner brown cardboard boxes characterised by high durability.

We complete both large and small orders, cooperating with companies from various industries. We have over a hundred ready-made dies, on the basis of which the customers may decide what the packaging of their product will look like. We also prepare individual dies with the required dimensions. Even in the case of the production of a tailor-made die, we act immediately, and the order reaches the customer on the agreed date. We deliver the products to countries around the world.

We provide low prices for small and medium-sized volumes, convenient terms of cooperation and short delivery times. We produce aesthetic printed boxes for packing shampoos, CBD oils, soaps, creams or make-up cosmetics. We create small cardboard packaging boxes for sweets, honey, wine, food, as well as candles or other small items, using short run printing. The sky is the limit for us. We will make cardboard with eye-catching graphics that properly present your company's offer.

Attractive product packaging effectively raises the interest among a potential group of recipients and thus contributes to sales and profit increase. That is why the promotion of your business should be started with the implementation of such changes as the purchase or replacement of existing packaging with durable and attractive Printmasta cardboard boxes.

This will allow you to stand out from the competition and build a positive company image. The characteristic packaging will remain in the recipients’ memory who have tried your product at least once. As a result, they will easily find it next time on store shelves or on the Internet. Buy printed packaging boxes and achieve success!